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Mobile Enterprise

I just read Dennis Howlett’s blog post over at ZDNet regarding the lack of business applications or direction at Mobile World Congress. I’m in agreement that as we continue to realize the benefits of accessing our enterprise content from mobile devices you would expect the leading handset producers to step up and recognize this emerging business opportunity. One comment from industry analyst Dean Bubley when asked if emerging markets would bypass laptops in favor of

New Technology in Tampa Closet Organizers Helps Control Clutter

There seems to be a science to keeping an organized house and that begins with controlling clutter. Many people have trouble controlling the clutter in their life because things accumulate or go untouched for days or weeks at a time. Then more stuff comes in to the house and it’s piled on top of the first thing that was laid down, this becomes a vicious cycle because there is no controlling the clutter. One place

Marketing to Millennials

I recently presented to a room full of IT directors on the new demographic they need to be addressing. Millennials adopt technology faster than my dog stealing steak off the BBQ. Since I work in this space I try my best to use these technologies and at least understand what they do. I have accounts on all major Social Networking sites including Facebook, MySpace, Hi5, Friendster, LinkedIn. I also have IM accounts with MSN, Yahoo,

Northern Michigan Weddings Offer Castle Tours, Increase Customer Database, Revenue

A century’s old castle that holds Northern Michigan weddings would also offer castle tours to church groups, school children and the general public. There is something unique and exciting yet oddly strange about an old Northern Michigan Castle and people seem to be drawn to it so the owners have opened it up for weddings, castle tours, birthday parties, anniversary parties or retirement parties or business meetings and retreats. Besides old records, written and kept


If you are spending too much time at the gas pump because your car is using more gas than it usually does, you have a problem with your car. Below are two problems that could be causing this to happen. You can then get them repaired to keep that money in your pocket instead of handing it over to the gas pump. Thermostat Your thermostat could be stuck open. If this is the case, the

IT Software – Parental Control Software

The internet is the most wonderful technology given to us, it literally gives us the world at our fingertips. But unfortunately, the fingertips can belong to young children, and whilst they are surfing on the net, it could happen very easily that they are exposed to inappropriate material. They could even for example, accidentally reveal personal information about their own or their parent’s credit card data. In these instances, it is wise to consider IT

Tampa Art Consultant Works With New Technology, Science, Manipulation and Digital Photo Frame

There is a new science and technology in picture frames called digital picture frames in which photographs digitally cycle through the entire round of photographs so that one is never looking at the same photograph. These digital photograph frames could contain Tampa office art work or simple family photographs. The digital picture frames could showcase photographs of a memorable vacation, a wedding, baby’s first year, or children’s artwork. A Tampa art consultant would have some

It Software – Creating Digital products

The most common idea for business presentations and successful conference presentations is that it can close a sale or add more accounts to an existing business. Even though there is a definite truth to this notion, an entrepreneur should be able to look into all possible means of earning additional revenues for his company’s growth. A successful business need not concentrate only on the products or services that it currently offers. The creation of IT

The revolutionary|The brand new|The newest} Method to Look at You

Oftentimes, when we bring images of ourselves, we make an effort to position the camera as correctly as we’re able to. Then, we appear at it and recognize that we’ve chosen the completely wrong angle. Properly, we don’t will need to worry about that anymore. You possibly can now acquire your personal shots and achieve that perfect image. Samsung proudly releases its new electronic digital camera, 1 that has arranged a milestone in electronic technologies.

Internet Marketing Methods Help Italian Restaurants Tampa, Florida

Italian restaurants Tampa, Fl could increase their revenue by using the latest technology in Internet marketing even though they are a real world brick-and-mortar style business. In today’s technologically advanced world, more and more people are turning to the Internet to find what they need or want. The phone book is an obsolete piece of media because it only offers one way to find information about the business and that is to call the business