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CD Jewel Cases

A CD jewel case takes its name from the watchmaker’s terminology for the term jewel, which refers to a bearing in its mechanism. A CD jewel case too has two such bearings in its hinges. A CD jewel case is a transparent plastic case or container that holds a CD and liner notes. These notes are contained in a 12 cm x 12 cm booklet, or a single leaf of 12 cm x 24 cm

CD Duplication

If you want to know just what CD duplication means to people today, check out what teenagers use CDs for. You’ll find them using CD burners to download their favorite songs! Besides teenagers, companies too use CDs for duplicating and making back-ups of their software and documents. And federal agencies use it to determine and interpret intellectual piracy and copyright laws that pertain to CD duplication in the music industry. If the music industry is