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Wireless Security Systems Give Flexibility

As with all other sorts of technology, security alarm technology has improved greatly over the past few years. One of the major improvements has been the introduction of wireless security systems which, as the name implies, use wireless technology to connect all the various parts of the system. In order to make a decision as to whether a wireless alarm system is right for your office security needs, it is essential to know the advantages

Which Proximity Security System Is Right For You?

One of the main parts of any security system is the means by which employees and other individuals can prove their identity in order to enter and exit the various doors and gates that make up the system. These pieces of hardware which check employee identity are known as proximity security systems and comprise three main types: control system keypads, control system card readers and biometric systems. This article will look at these three types

Video Surveillance Systems: Images For Security

One of the most effective ways of providing a higher level of protection in your office is to install a video surveillance system. These systems have the ability to monitor all areas of your business, including areas outside such as the parking lot, and can be a real deterrent to would be thieves and burglars. The main things to consider when thinking of installing a video security system are size of the camera, whether to

Video Security System Recorders: How To Choose One

Once you have decided on which type of camera you want to use for your video surveillance system, the next decision to make is what video security system recorder to buy in order to record the images. These days, with the price of digital video recorders (DVR) dropping all the time, it makes sense to go this route rather than for the slightly cheaper VCR. A DVR will make it easy to store images and

Two Way Monitoring Systems Help In Keeping Security Tight

There was a time when the only to communicate with an office that had been broken into would have be by using the telephone, and by that time the alarm would have gone off, the police would be at the scene and the criminals perhaps fledif it wasn’t a false alarm. But no longer is this the case. With the increasing strides in technology, it is now possible to know that the alarm has been

The Need for Hearing Aid Accessories

For those not familiar with hearing aids, one might think of them as stand-alone products. They think that a hearing aid is a piece of a system with a battery that powers it. This is essentially true. However, there are many accessories that can improve the performance and longevity of hearing aids. There are a variety of headphones accessories that can contribute to the smooth functioning and the safeguarding of the hearing aid. A hearing

Outdoor Security Systems: What You Need To Consider

The best type of office security is the one which stops an intruder, or would-be intruder, from ever getting onto the office premises in the first place. This stops the possibility of damage to the office, which can be a costly event even if the intruder doesn’t actually steal anything. A basic outdoor security system should consist of three basic elements, which are security of external gates, security of external doors and some way of

Open Or Close Monitoring System: Which One To Choose?

One of the most critical aspects of any security system is to know when the system is turned on in the evening when staff leave for the day, and when it is disarmed in the morning when staff return to work. In order to do this, the system must incorporate some sort of open and close monitoring system, of which there are two basic types: the supervised monitoring system and the unsupervised. This article will

Monitored Security Alarm Systems Bring Total Peace Of Mind

The technology of office security is undergoing constant improvement, and one of the biggest changes in technology has been the introduction of monitored security systems. These systems are monitored at a central location either by company staff or by a third-party security company, and often consist of monitored security keypads to monitor access to the building, an alarm system, two-way monitoring and a back-up system should the main system fail. This article will explore the