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Web Applications And Desktop Software

There has been a long running debate about web applications replacing desktop software applications. The truth is that security concerns and legacy systems will prevent desktop software from becoming

Voice is Dead

A bold statement but one that needs some thought behind it. At a conference recently I asked a simple question about IM usage. Essentially I asked how many people had significantly reduced their voice

Types Of Computer Attacks

Computers are very vulnerable and require necessary maintenance and protection. Our computer systems are vulnerable to different types of computer attacks. To protect the systems from these attacks, i

Top Anti-virus Software For 2012

When you decide to get a computer or laptop you must be prepared to take care of all that comes with it. It’s never about just buying a laptop and the using it without protecting it or maintaining i

The Versatility Of Headphones

Headphones are used by many people for many different reasons to enhance the quality of their lives. This means there are different types of headphones that a person can choose from. You would first n